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Catalonia plans vote on self-determination but Spain warns it will use courts to stop it

The Washington Post By Associated Press, Published: September 27 MADRID — Catalonia’s regional parliament has voted to stage a referendum on self-determination with a view to possibly seceding from Spain but the national government has warned it will have it stopped by the country’s top court. The parliament voted Thursday to hold the referendum after […]

Diada 11S2012 – The Washington Post

Catalonia rallies for independence on ‘Catalan National Day’ By Olga Khazan, Published: SEPTEMBER 11, 1:51 PM ET Aa While Americans commemorate Sept. 11 by putting aside differences, Spaniards mark the day by letting divisions flare. Sept. 11 is Catalonia’s National Day, when the 7-million-strong semi-autonomous community commemorates the anniversary of their defeat by Spanish troops […]