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Charlemagne: Mysterious Mariano | The Economist

Charlemagne: Mysterious Mariano | The Economist. Spain’s prime minister battles against the break-up of the euro and his country Oct 6th 2012 | from the print edition A GALICIAN, the Spanish like to quip, is the sort of person you meet on the stairs and you don’t know whether he is going up or coming […]

Spanish politics: Hostage to Catalonia | The Economist

Spanish politics: Hostage to Catalonia | The Economist. Spanish politics Hostage to Catalonia Oct 5th 2012, 18:02 by G.T. | MADRID    IF Spain has become a noisy place, with protest against austerity now a daily event in some cities, the soccer match on October 7th between arch-rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid threatens to […]

The rage in Spain

The Economist With protests and a secessionist threat, Spain’s problems are growing. Better a bail-out now than later Sep 29th 2012 THE indignados who took to the streets of Spain in 2011 belied their name by being rather meek and just a little nerdy. One of their most passionate demands was for Spanish elections to […]

Europe’s next independent state?

The Economist THE banner in Barcelona’s central Placa de Catalunya square reads: “Catalonia, next independent state in Europe”. After a huge, peaceful march with flags and banners through the city on September 11th brought together an estimated 8% of the region’s 7.5m population, a once-exotic idea has suddenly come to life. Artur Mas, the Catalan […]