New European States: Catalonia’s Independence at the Swedish Parliament #news #politics #NewEuropeanStates #politics #eu #usa

New European States: Catalonia’s Independence at the Swedish Parliament #news #politics #NewEuropeanStates #politics #eu #usa.

Last Thursday, the Swedish green party representative, Bodil Ceballos,
asked a question to the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl
Bildt, regarding the possibility of Catalonia becoming a new state in
Europe. Mr. Bildt, a member of the Swedish conservative party,
answered her that this matter should be resolved by the Spanish

In an interview on the program Catalunya Vespre (Catalonia Evening) in
a Catalan radio station, the Swedish representative also confirmed
that her country will not be able to ignore the situation in Catalonia
if a future referendum gives a majority in favor of it. She added that
as democrats, they cannot deny such a demand because this very action
would not be in itself democratic.
Mrs. Ceballos also commented on Mr. Vidal-Quadras’ statements, and the
threats made by some military to occupy Catalonia, qualifying them as
inacceptable. Furthermore she pointed out that Swedish ministers and
citizens need to know that in democratic countries around EU there are
still people asking for military solutions.

The ecologist representative believes that the September 11th rally,
with over one million and a half people demanding independence for
Catalonia is an extremely significant event. We have to point out that
Mrs. Ceballos knows of the Catalan case because she lived there for
seven years, and she speaks Catalan as well.

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