The Wealth of Catalonia –

The Wealth of Catalonia –

Published: October 7, 2012

Regarding “Spanish prisoners” (Views, Oct. 4th): Ricard González and Jaume Clotet state that Spanish taxes “usurp” the wealth of Catalonia. Similar complaints of fiscal looting from the richer regions to the poorer ones are made by some in my own country and also in Germany, as John Vinocur wrote on the same page on the same day.

The Catalan secessionists should be reminded that such transfers between regions or states belonging to a single currency bloc will always take place. Net transfers from Catalonia, one of the richest regions in the 17-nation euro zone, to the poorer regions in the bloc will be unavoidable as long as Catalonia remains a member, whether they involve transfers to other regions of Spain or elsewhere in the euro zone.

Guy Noppen, Grimbergen, Belgium

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